About Us

Pitch it! is a Florida based LLC, that specializes in working with entrepreneurs in various fields ages 17 and above to enhance confidence in public speaking, communication, personal branding of the voice in particular the areas of pitching and story of self.By introducing public speaking skills and confidence in this area, entrepreneurs are given the tools to entice consumers, negotiate price, increase comprehension and awareness of their market, among other necessities as a salesperson.We work one-on-one, or with small, medium, or large businesses! Through the use of online curriculum, video submissions, zoom phone calls, public speaking and theater techniques, the goal is always to push our students to the next level and push their skill set from ordinary to extraordinary.

What We Do

Self-Paced Coaching

The Self-Paced Pitch-It Program is for the individual who is seeking to gain the public speaking and pitch skills that will propel them in their career and business.

6-Week Program

The 6-Week Pitch-It Program is for the individual who is seeking a bit more personal coaching in order to gain the skills they need to achieve their professional goals.

6-Month Program

The 6-Month Program is an Intensive Extended Program for the individual who needs a great deal of public speaking and pitching coaching along with the extensive developmental activities that comes along with the Intensive Program.

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