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La’Shondra Johnson

Delivering keynotes, coaching, and individualized curriculum to cultivate the voice of your brand while increasing your confidence in public speaking and leadership!


La’Shondra Johnson, a Miami native, former educator, award-winning orator, and upcoming TEDx speaker, is revolutionizing the world of public speaking and leadership development through her company, Pitch It LLC. With a mission to promote excellence and client success, Johnson’s passion lies in helping leaders across all ages and careers discover their voice, build confidence, and master the art of public speaking. passionate about helping leaders across all ages and careers discover their voice through confidence training, leadership development and public speaking coaching. She founded Pitch It LLC  where she coaches business leaders on how to cultivate the voice of their brand through coaching on speaking engagements, training for pitch competitions (including creating her own branded/sponsored competitions), and more. As a previous secondary educator with a passion for youth, she also has a nonprofit, EXTRAordinary Youth Inc where she helps teenagers develop confidence in public speaking and overall self-esteem as well through oratory and theater techniques.

As a young girl, she was able to develop her talents for speaking after her grandmother introduced her to theater and oratory competitions. She had no idea that public speaking was something most people feared until college when she began hosting events across her college campus, running into peers who would often ask for help and guidance when they had a speech to deliver or needed her to deliver one. It wasn’t until she started teaching that she realized how much public speaking techniques had helped her develop transferable skills in her adult life and how many of her students seemed to lack confidence in themselves, as well as how many adults twice her age still feared and struggled on stage. Many did not understand their voice, and after careful consideration and a few years of coaching during summers, La’Shondra left teaching secondary schools and began coaching and teaching teens as well as adults on public speaking and owning their brand, message, and overall confidence to be who they need to be while speaking with pride!


Why La’Shondra Johnson? 

Unparalleled Energy: 

La’Shondra brings light to each space she enters. She has an inexplicable radiance that captivates and mesmerizes any and every audience. She is frequently a top-ranked and preferred presenter everywhere she speaks due to her energy and presence!

Relatable messaging and surplus of experience: 

La’Shondra is able to work with multiple age groups as well as business levels, her business savvy knowledge and yet energetic ability to push people out of their comfort zone, not only allows her to get results,but also allows her to relate to those she coaches and speaks in front of while motivating them to their highest potential. 

‘Perfect-Fit’ Customization:

La’Shondra works with every client to intimately understand their unique challenges and tension points to ensure maximum resonance of her message

Speaking Engagements:

  • United Way Youth Workshops 2018
  • City of North Miami Women’s Day Celebration March 2022
  • Mental Health Awareness Workshop on Developing Confidence and Boosting Self esteem June 2022
  • ACMP Global Connect on DEI June 2022
  • TedX Univ of Miami April 2023

Read about us:

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Client Reviews

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