I Find You Pitch: Sign up to get access to over $15,000,000 business pitch grant, and other funding opportunities with more being added every month! How it works: Instead of you spending countless hours looking for opportunities to find funding for your business, you can quickly select the opportunity from our list and spend those hours working on your pitch. I Find: Using this strategy and software, i scoured the internet to find all of the events that include business plan/pitch competitions, organizations funding business grants, and more. I Share: Winning multiple grants for my own nonprofit throughout the years has been a godsend. It allowed EXTRAordinary Youth Inc to continue to grow and help many students, and allowed me to branch out into other avenues of business, including Pitch It. I have done this without incurring debt and without giving away shares of the company to an investor. That gives my team time to be creative and think strategically. I want you to have the same. You Close: You simply find the pitch competition or grant from the list, prepare your application and pitch. By joining, you even get mentorship to help you prepare for your pitches. Why "I find You Pitch" is so necessary: Too many businesses fail due to lack of funding. Or even worse, entrepreneurs are forced to get loans or outside investors BEFORE they have any revenue to pay it back or create a sustainable opportunity to grow. Little did we all know, over $3.3 million dollars was given away in pitch competitions and even more in grant opportunities in 2019 alone.That number is even greater in 2020 and expected to continue.
$20.00 now and then $20.00 per Month for 12 more Months. After your initial payment, your first payment is Free.

Self Paced Course

This program will all be pre-recorded video based, allowing students to go at their own pace and practice the techniques provided on their own. They still have the option to book a time to talk to the professor to discuss the course, but there will be no assignments submitted to the professor; no weekly or bi weekly zoom calls or any check ins necessary. All information provided will be similar to the accelerated program, but to be practiced completely on their own. Study guides will be provided. Who is this program for? Self paced program is perfect for anyone who wants the tips, but can practice on their own, and want to go at their own speed.
$300.00 now.

Accelerated Programming

Covers the same curriculum as 3 months (except for marketing materials and any other visual aids), but in accelerated fashion meaning less time to focus on subjects.Instead of a full month to grasp a concept such as their introduction, students would only have one week to practice. Feedback from the instructor would be given in a shorter time frame of weekly and conference calls would be weekly as well to practice public speaking techniques and their pitches.Study guides provided in addition to video with examples and video feedback on submissions. Who is this program for? Accelerated program is for those who do not have as long of a time period to commit but still want the practice and feedback from a professional to create content for presentations. Those who take this course should expect to spend at least 15 hours a week to cover all material (as this program is sped up condensing 3 months of material into 6 weeks).
$300.00 now and then $300.00 after 1 Month.
Number of courses 100
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