Pitch It Competition – Enter to win $500!

Check out this video  from the last competition of our CEO explaining some great tips on the Pitch It Virtual Competition!

Pitch it! Competition!

Adults enter to win $500

$25 registration fee required.


Only ONE winner in each category will be chosen for the cash prize and plaque!

BONUS: All who enter will get a FREE Pitch-It E book about the art of pitching and public speaking!

Important Dates:

  1. Registration Closes-February 10th,2021
  2. Submissions Deadline-February 15th, 2021
  3. Top 5 announced and promoted for crowd participation- February 20th-28th.
  4. Live Pitch Competition of Top 3 via platform-February 28th(Tickets will be a $10 admission for all friends to come in and support with their votes for crowd favorite) 

IMPORTANT:You do NOT need to have a already created LLC or nonprofit to enter this competition, you simply need an idea.


  1. Must enter competition by deadline
  2. Must record and upload video to YouTube (mark as unlisted) and send pitch video link to [email protected] by February 15th.
  3. Video must not be longer than 2 minutes in length and follow specific video guidelines (video shot from waist up only, no zoom in on face, silent background, no vulgarity, no visual aid such as powerpoint, cue/note cards, etc.) or you will  be disqualified
  4. No editing of video allowed. Any notice of editing (cutting,pasting, etc.) will lead to immediate disqualification
  5. Register below and then pay to the left to receive a confirmation email with further instructions on how to submit!

Pitch it! is a Florida based LLC, that specializes in working with entrepreneurs in various fields ages 17 and above to enhance confidence in public speaking, in particular the areas of pitching and story of self.By introducing public speaking skills and confidence in this area, entrepreneurs are given the tools to entice consumers, negotiate price, increase comprehension and awareness of their market, among other necessities as a salesperson . Through the use of online curriculum, video submissions, zoom phone calls, public speaking and theater techniques, the goal is always to push our students to the next level and push their skill set from ordinary to extraordinary.

Individualized Services

Individualized service, based on a personalized evaluation of each client and his or her specific needs and strengths. This takes into account the recognition that students learn in various ways, some students learn visually, others orally, and etc.

One on One Services

The option of one-on-one tutoring or review sessions offered to small groups – enough students so they can learn from each other, but not so many that it becomes confusing and distracting in the session.

Specialized Handouts

Specialized handouts prepared from several years of education. Experience explaining difficult concepts and knowledge of what works best with certain types of students. Sessions can be focused to better meet the needs of individual students (especially through one-on-one conferencing).

Our Founder

La’Shondra Johnson is a certified ELA teacher and has taught reading, writing, theater and public speaking since 2014. She recently completed her MBA at Nova Southeastern University and has been coaching people on their public speaking privately since 2018.Outside of coaching and teaching, she also actively host events and still performs throughout South Florida.

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