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The premier month to month coaching program that helps you land your first public speaking gig!

Who is this program for?

Anyone who is looking to start their journey to becoming known as an industry expert in their chosen field. This cohort is group based with weekly trainings, guest speakers, one-on-one’s with our CEO and more!

This program will all be pre-recorded video based, allowing students to go at their own pace and practice the techniques provided on their own. They still have the option to book a time to talk to the professor to discuss the course, but there will be no assignments submitted to the professor; no weekly or bi weekly zoom calls or any check ins necessary. All information provided will be similar to the accelerated program, but to be practiced completely on their own. Study guides will be provided.

Who is this program for?

Self paced program is perfect for anyone who wants the tips, but can practice on their own, and want to go at their own speed.

Already feeling confident in your public speaking and looking for a way to take it to the next level?

Are you looking for a chance to learn with a group, move at your own pace, and still get individual attention and support? Looking for a space to cultivate your speaking skills? One that is enriched with guest speakers, and like-minded individuals, holds your individualized goals, and has a public speaking toolbox that you can use in ANY event?

Well, have we got a space for YOU!

Who is this program for?

Anyone who is already looked at as an industry professional (whether in their first year or their 30th) and looking to take it to next level with more one-on-one coaching for an individualized approach while still having the option to participate in group activities with access to our Pitch It Mechanic and Community!

Our Founder

Pitch It LLC, led by La’Shondra Johnson, a Miami Native, former educator, award-winning orator, and upcoming TedX speaker, is committed to excellence and client success. Working in secondary and higher education since 2014, she has been coaching executives since 2017 and has not stopped since sending her clients on to win pitch competitions, increasing their overall revenue, and having better overall communication/public speaking skills.

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