Programs and Courses

Business Full intensive Program 

This program would entail a custom and fully developed curriculum and will include office hours, bi-weekly conference Zoom calls to practice public speaking with a group as well as feedback from the instructor weekly. Study guides provided in addition to video with examples and video feedback on submissions.

Who is this program for?

This full intensive program is great for those who have the time to be fully invested in learning public speaking for themselves and/or employees/clients. This detail oriented program is custom designed for small and large businesses and their needs, whether they are looking to leave with a pitch, story of self, visual and marketing aids for future business presentations as well as foundational skills to confidently present in front of an audience.

This program will all be pre-recorded video based, allowing students to go at their own pace and practice the techniques provided on their own. They still have the option to book a time to talk to the professor to discuss the course, but there will be no assignments submitted to the professor; no weekly or bi weekly zoom calls or any check ins necessary. All information provided will be similar to the accelerated program, but to be practiced completely on their own. Study guides will be provided.

Who is this program for?

Self paced program is perfect for anyone who wants the tips, but can practice on their own, and want to go at their own speed.

Monthly subscription program updated and sent out monthly on grants, pitch competitions, courses, and so much more! Discount given on our pitch competitions and courses! Plus, free consultations on any pitch competition you enter (whether ours or someone else).For just $20 a month

Who is this program for?

IFindUPitch is Ideal for individuals who want to have a one stop place for grants and pitches as well as workshops and don’t want to search for it! We do that for you!

Our Founder

La’Shondra Johnson is a certified ELA teacher and has taught reading, writing, theater and public speaking since 2014. She recently completed her MBA at Nova Southeastern University and has been coaching people on their public speaking privately since 2018.Outside of coaching and teaching, she also actively host events and still performs throughout South Florida.

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